About Us


  • We are a service driven company in the provision of products which enhance the health, well-being and performance of animals.


  • Lionel’s Vet was established in 1992 by owner Lionel Stephenson. Supported by the office in Parow, we are represented by 30 sales persons.



  • Bold, consistent vision. Deliver a compelling, shared vision that passes the “elevator test” of simplicity – and is consistently communicated to the rest of the world. Focused. Understand our priorities, never got distracted, and systematically refresh our objectives.
  • Customer satisfaction. Make each customer a Lionel’s Vet evangelist. Only agree to what we can deliver and always deliver what we can agree too.
  • Relentless. Always inspire ourselves, our co-workers, and our teams to a higher state of performance, speed, quality, completeness and ultimately, competitiveness.
  • Respectful. Be professional in every interaction with employees, customers and vendors. Treat them with the utmost respect, honesty, directness and always follow through.
  • Extraordinary teamwork. Communicate with and count on everyone to play their part flawlessly, as you would expect them to count on you. Every person has a role on our team.
  • Accountable. Be willing to reap the rewards or accept the consequences of our commitments. Intelligent. Out-think the competition. Constantly drive creative ideas. Work to bring the best ideas and practices to Lionel’s Vet.
  • Open, honest communication. Speak your mind for both good and bad. Demand the same from everyone we work with. Insist that bad news travels faster than good news.


  • We anticipate and aim to exceed customer expectations regarding service and products supply. Co-ops, veterinarians and farmers rely on us for our comprehensive range of animal health products.


  • Utilizing our existing marketing knowledge we will be looking to new solutions to improve animals health for the benefit of all