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In this 43rd edition, we look at how to increase the profitability of your dairy by taking care of your calves, as explained by specialist veterinarian, Dr Chris van Dijk, and feed specialist, Kenneth Botha.

Then we move on to successful Salmonella control in live poultry production and what it takes to raise cleaner birds, according to poultry health experts at the 2019 International Production & Processing Expo.

Lastly, we cover tick control in cattle, written by Willem A Schultheiss, as well as African Swine Fever, which affects pigs of any age and has high mortality rates. As usual, you’ll also find adverts on trusted products. Please contact the sales representative in your area for more information.

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Want a more profitable dairy? Take care of your calves!

Three key factors can reduce calf mortalities and boost milk yield: correct hygienic practice in calf cages, control of Cryptosporidium parvum, and implementing a colostrum programme. Specialist veterinarian Dr Chris van Dijk and feed specialist Kenneth Botha explain these.
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Raising cleaner birds: What more can live production do to reduce Salmonella?

Successful Salmonella control throughout live poultry production requires an integrated effort, attention to detail and careful follow-through to help processing plants meet more stringent USDA standards, said poultry health experts at a food-safety news conference at the 2019 International Production & Processing Expo.
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Bosluisbeheer in beeste
Oorsronklik geskryf deur: Willem A. Schultheiss – 082 323 7019

“Dip” behels meer as net die toediening van ‘n chemiese middel wanneer baie volgesuigde wyfie bosluise sigbaar is. Dip strategië behels inagneming van die seisoen, weidingsstrategie, bosluis spesie wat beheer wil word.
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African Swine Fever (AFS)
This diseases can affect pigs of any age. High mortality rates. The key clinical signs include blue-purple cyanosis of snout, ears, tail and lower legs; high fever; and heavy discharge from eyes and nose. This disease is notifiable – contact your vet and local authorities if you believe this disease is affecting your herd.
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