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Lionel's Milking Cream

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Udder cream has been part of many farmers’ lives for centuries and Lionel’s Veterinary Supplies' founder, Mr Lionel Stephenson, has created the perfect recipe to an affordable, but very effective udder cream.

For years, udder cream has been the main product used to soften and protect the udders of cows and although there are many more advanced products on the market nowadays, udder cream still plays a significant role in dairy farming, especially for smaller and non-commercial farmers.

The secret to the perfect udder cream is to add Lanolin and Vitamin E. Lanolin is a byproduct of sheep wool and helps the skin to hydrate from within. It has excellent moisturizing qualities and soothes irritated skin, although in exceptional cases the skin may have a slight allergic reaction to lanolin. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and can protect the skin from harmful UV damage caused by the sun. Due the its natural anti-inflammatory properties, Vitamin E can soothe and calm the skin and it also has great moisturizing properties.

Over the years, it was discovered that, although not promoted as such, udder cream also has benefits to human skin. See the feedback from a customer who bought a tub of our Lionel’s milking cream at Agrimark, here.

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