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Intra Repiderma: The new green standard for navel care of newborn calves

By Daisy Rooijackers, Marc Spackler and Robbert van Berkel

A navel string is the highway into a calf's bloodstream through which bacteria can easily enter to cause systemic disease. Although most calves survive these navel infections, their bodyweight gains is reduced in the first 3 months of life and, in worst cases, it can result in a mortality rate of around 2%.

Some of the treatments out there include antibiotic sprays or iodine, both of which has its own drawbacks such as antibiotic resistance, hygiene and costs. And then there is Intra Repiderma, a skin protecting aerosol spray that even sprays upside down and which can be sprayed directly onto the target spot without wastage.

A field study was performed to investigate the results of using Intra Repiderma versus Iodine to improve navel conditions.

Download the full article at the link below.

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