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For enquiries, contact your nearest Area Manager:


South - Jannic Zietsman / 082 923 6382 / Email me

North - Jan Joubert / 073 303 6786 / Email me

KZN - Glen Blackler / 064 122 1721 / Email me

RMH Mixell 18 vertical trailer

A medium sized trailed mixing bin, equipped with two overlapping mixing and cutting augers, connected by a PTO shaft. Mixing is powered by the tractor PTO and controlled by the tractor RPM. All other functions are operated hydraulically through an electrical control box or through the tractor hydraulic control system. Loading is done by tractor directly into bin. Discharging is done through various doors onto various conveyor sytems. Size: 18 cubic meter H 2.49m L 7.28m W 2.45m

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