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Milkolab / GE Dairy Supplies is the testing laboratory of Lionel's Veterinary Supplies and strive to deliver a fast, accurate and professional service to the dairy industry.

We achieve this via:

  • an excellent communication network with our clients via email, telephone and well-trained field officers.

  • assisting our clients with the collection of milk samples and delivery of new sample bottles.

  • an effortless service to our clients due to direct communication with couriers and, therefore, first hand updates on delivery and collection.

  • field officers who can assist farmers with taking of large quantities or specialized milk samples.

  • accurate reports that are neat and easy to read and in a format that can easily be captured on any electronic milk system.

Contact Milkolab directly to find out more about testing procedures and forms.

Tel. +27 (21) 932 2019 - ext. 304


Milkolab milk & feed tests



CombiFoss FT+

Infrared analyzers for testing of components in raw and pasteurized milk.

celbio international raptor mycotoxin analyser

Raptor Mycotoxin Analyzer

Portable mycotoxin test kit.



Infrared device for testing bacteria count in raw milk.

celbio international foss ds 6500 nir analysis instrument

Foss DS 6500 NIR

Analyzes animal feed and feed ingredients


Our laboratory takes part in the local Ring Test PT Scheme monthly, to ensure our instruments test accurately. These standards are set up by an accredited laboratory, tested by an infrared analyzer and chemically analyzed to establish accurate reference values. If necessary, international standards are used as well.

We are also accredited with SANAS since November 2017.

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